Wide Awake – Katy Perry (Alex G Acoustic Piano Cover) Official Music Video

Beep Increase Bop Movie Ranking: 4 / 5

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  1. Roberta Jankauskaite

    your voice amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kelly Crazygurl

    Thumbs up if u watch this in 2012

  3. xXexceLLentXxHD

    Girl, You have talent!!!

  4. You have an amaaazing voice and you are gorgeous too! I love your hair!! Really pretty girl! 

  5. You are soooo talented!!!!!

  6. I listened to every covers of that song and I can tell you that this is the best one c(=

  7. this is pretty

  8. juliamoreira78


  9. yea u sang it to sloooowwwww ur really good but its to slow

  10. You sing too slowly I find.. It eeest it’s a pity because you have a beautiful voice!

  11. That was awesome girl!!!! Your a aaaaamazing singer!!!!!

  12. i♥her..

  13. candylicious8128

    Hey guys all you haters of the comment you suck well news for you stop hating cuz it wasn’t me who wrote it , it was my friend
    And btw we’re aloud to share what we think about the video K

  14. summerfever1000

    *allowed. wow ur smart

  15. angelamarie123457943

    you have a greate voice

  16. your voice ……… is beautiful.

  17. You should do Dont judge me by Chris Brown!!!!!!! That would sound AMAAAAAZING, yes! 🙂

  18. Amazing <3 .. Song

  19. xXloveableXxHaters

    For some reason she reminds me of Bonnie from the Vampire Dairies !!

  20. @karibaby226 she is

  21. You should be a site model (:

  22. yeah ivve been dreamin for a golf cart and i will be wide awake untill i get one 😉

  23. did u facebook? :P

  24. Scooter Bruin need’s to find her!!