Madonna – Holiday Official Music Video HD – 1983

Beep Growth Bop Movie Score: 4 / 5

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    GOD – wish WARNER BROS. would get their SH*T together and release this
    version or whatever the CORRECT VIDEO is! You know IT IS OUT THERE!

  2. Yeah… you clearly do not know what HD stands for.

  3. Mario Beron Bruna
  4. Oldies But Goodies :P

  5. Actually the choreo was good for the time and song, but she could of got
    some breakers off the street since it was a year before “Breakin” by Orion
    films!..could of alternated in between her aerobic workout and and less
    stress for us praying for her dancer not to slip into that
    pool!…lol!…Too close!…Thanks for posting and God bless!

  6. HD in 1983?

  7. Is this the video that was shot in morocco?

  8. Looks like an a jazzercise routine.

  9. There is nothing official about this. But I love the hell out of this early
    80’s captured video of Mo. YES!

  10. not much changed lol

  11. MagneticElectricX

    Not the official video

  12. q xvr la song

  13. LIVING FOR THIS VIDEO!! Her brother can shake it!

  14. Who did the choreo for this?

  15. Omg I barely notice I sang this for Winter Program in elementary

  16. This is not an official Holiday video. But I love the hell out of this pre
    Madonna world!!!!!

  17. zabierzcie mnie w tamte czasy!! <3

  18. Great find. Makes you wonder though.. if this video idea was scrapped and
    they made ‘Lucky Star’ instead…. the video is very rough like it had
    little editing, and a LOT of the dancer set up and dance moves are in
    ‘Lucky Star’. Thanks for sharing.

  19. That’s okay! I’d rather see her hot brother than any old break
    dancers…..thank you very much!

  20. carlotta migliore

    pollice in su se sei venuto a vederlo per just dance 2

  21. pathetic video

  22. WOW very rare!!

  23. This is HD, and I’m a velociraptor.

  24. Purnima Thaker Dhorajiwala

    i always chose this for my exercise…it has great music….i like the
    extended version a lot…..this is super…too..