Madonna – Give It 2 Me (ft. Pharrell) (Official Music Video)

Beep Growth Bop Video Score: 4 / five

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  1. Madonna is the Queen of pop!
    Lady Gaga is her copycat!
    Mariah Carey is a bitch whore! 


  3. +Jessie B
    +Béatrice Beatz
    +Cora A. Amaral
    My Ladies …. I wish you a relaxed 2015:)))))

  4. Madonna is the Queen of pop!
    Lady Gaga is a copycat!
    Miley is porn!
    Mariah Carey, a fat prostitute! 

  5. What are you waiting for?
    Nobody’s gonna show you how
    Why work for someone else
    To do what you can do right now?

    Got no boundaries and no limits
    If there’s excitement, put me in it
    If it’s against the law, arrest me
    If you can handle it, undress me

    Don’t stop me now, don’t need to catch my breath
    I can go on and on and on
    When the lights go down and there’s no one left
    I can go on and on and on

    Give it to me, yeah
    No one’s gonna show me how
    Give it to me, yeah
    No one’s gonna stop me now 

  6. Madonna – Give It 2 me

  7. Martin Cazas De Jesus

    Madonna – Give It 2 Me (ft. Pharrell) (Official Music Video):

  8. Enrique Salvador

    ….La ” Madonna mia ” half-of- a fuckin-century years.. young- Not bad at
    all..She looks even better than before…..jhajhajha….” give me ur best
    line,I’ll shake it..give me ur reckon, I’ll break it..there s no beginnin.
    .nor endin, give me the fuckin-chance to go I’ll take it “….. .Move ur
    asses niñitos sicolócos..and dance…..if you can of course….jhajhah

  9. Petar Lazarevic


  10. Nuur Hassan Hussein

    Madonna she had same teath Like mine

  11. Madonna the best

  12. Juan de la Cruz Gomez

    la reina siempre

  13. zeropromiscuous

    I can’t believe that this was released almost 7 years ago

  14. …mmm…
    …she is fire…

  15. Milodarka Cicmil

    Love this song! It’s Madonna’s second hit, the first one is “Like a

  16. Can anyone tell what is Pharrell’s contribution to the song for showing his
    name in the main title?

  17. This hag needs to retire.

  18. she was like , 49 years old when she did this o_0

  19. I love this more than Robin Thick BL 

  20. ” lady gaga é uma cópia,” legal, que cópia foda essa né? consegue ser
    melhor que a própria ”original” me poupe.

  21. Adrian Santacruz

    Waay to copy Blurred Lines Madonna smh

  22. FANTASTICA……Madonna – Give It 2 Me (ft. Pharrell) (Official M…:

  23. Christian Scott

    I love Madge but this whole era was a misstep in my eyes. “Tonight,
    Matthew, I’m going to be…Nelly Furtado”.

  24. Can’t believe how good you look and how attractive you still are after all
    this time Madonna. 

  25. Love Madge. She is 6 months younger than me. I will be 58 this October.