Madonna Die Another Day Official Music Video HD

Beep Boom Bop Movie Score: four / five

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  1. RafealxPhoenix

    Once I saw Madonna being the one tortured and not Bond I just stopped

  2. This is for a friend and also an aquaintence. One of which is going through
    chemo. The other Just because its a Bond song.

  3. Tomislav Pecak


  4. Forest TekkenVideos

    Pierce Brosnan is ten times better than the current Bond.

  5. Very rude taking oddjobs hat without asking Madonna lol

  6. Gostooooo

  7. There is alot’s of references in this video to so many things it’s
    absolutely great.
    Wish u all happy fabby day.

  8. as a independent song, i enjoyed it.
    however i don’t think its that great of a choice for a theme for a bond

  9. Sugarstar GirlSong


  10. moviesplanet-trailers

    Thank u for this awesome video, i love Madonna now and always 

  11. Lucas Marquez

    Just read up on Sigmund Freud. Theories of Sexual repression
    and psychoanalysis.
    Learning how he battled him self through out his own life. quite the
    metaphor. I see how madonna had a fassination with him! The lyrics of this
    song are perfect for what the american life stood for! Using Sigmund Freud
    as a perfect person to relate to!

  12. I know most people didn’t like this song when it came out, but to me it’s
    just really badass.

  13. Claudia Pecol


  14. Jesse Buckwalter

    1:26…. OUCH!!!!!!

  15. LOL 2:15 James Bond Picture

  16. Tomislav Pecak


  17. okey i do waht you say Madonna ;)

  18. Dis song’s lyrical content is icky. Madonna has gone MAD!
    “Sigmund Freud”… “Analyze this”….

    ANAL-EYES SHIT(this)
    Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis (PSYCHO-ANAL-ISIS). “He
    articulated and refined the concepts of the unconscious, INFANTILE
    sexuality and repression” -
    What te heck?? yuck — unCONscious child butt sex. SICKMAN FRAUD!! Madonna,
    DIE today, not tomorrow or any other day.

  19. Thank you!!!

  20. okey

  21. ANTHONY Manson