Madonna – 1999 MTV Music Video Awards

Beep Increase Bop Video clip Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. C H S Morrisseau

    dis video’s sound is effed up!!Unwatchable shit.

  2. prince is like: “i aint gonna applaud you cuz you aint on my level!” i
    respect the guy but madonna is his peer. at least show some respect. mj has
    nothing to do with this video but i guess he didn’t show up cuz he was
    taking care of his children.

  3. the sound on the video sound so weird…

  4. wtf happened when she was introducing him… I want to follow along!

  5. I love this moment. I remember watching this as a kid. I was nearly 8 years

  6. Kenia J Suárez Coriche

    The fist whithe dress drag looks like lady gaga!

  7. Do you have more of the 1999 MTV VMA’s?

  8. Lips - The Ultimate in Drag Dining

    Happy 55th Birthday Madonna! Here’s a video of a 10 drag queens paying
    homage to the Queen of Pop!!

  9. she fucking snobbed J lo, madonna is not the kind of gir who talk trash
    about people behind their back and then smile ay them and expect a hug,
    chew on that Jennifer , you’ll never have half the dignity of madonna 

  10. Bitter QUEEN prince.. she needs to get slapped

  11. nice quality