Lady GaGa’s Born This Way

The instrumental versions ofLady GaGa’s song Born This Way have now appeared online. Singles from the 2011 album have now surfaced on the web via Star Leaks.

The LP that topped the singles’ charts throughout the world in 2011’s May. They have has sold more than 6 million copies that includes 2.2 million in United States. It spawned the top singles – Marry The Night, You and I, The Edge of Glory, Judas and Born This Way.

At present Lady Gaga is working on her 3rd studio album named ARTPOP that is scheduled to release sometime later this year. Producer Madeon is working on ARTPOP and recently called Lady Gaga as amazing. Speaking to a leading website, the producer told that she would come out of a show after singing live for 3 hours and giving it everything, but just go straight to the studio and record.

After calling off a series of her shows because of hip injury, Lady Gaga has now started walking. Recently, she has been spotted walking down the streets. The Born this way star developed Synovitis after she hid an injury in a bid to carry on with her Born This Way world that left her unable to walk. In spite expecting that the problem would heal naturally, Lady Gaga wet through an operation. That time she tweeted: “I’ve been hiding a show injury and chronic pain for sometime now,over the past month it has worsened. I’ve been praying it would heal”


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