Lady Gaga settles dispute with her ex assistant

Lady Gaga, the well known United States pop singer, reached out for an out of the court settlement with her ex assistant who earlier sued her for unpaid overtime, stated a court filing. Details of the contract were not disclosed in a document registered in court previous week asking people to close the case.

The lawsuit that demanded US$ 350000 in back payment from Lady Gaga had been set for court trial in New York City beginning next week. United Stated District Judge Paul G. Gardephe prevailed previous month against Lady Gaga’s lawyer’s request that the case be ignored. In the suit, Jennifer O’Neill stated that she worked 24×7 as Lady Gaga’s personal assistant.

She was employed early in the year 2009, and again starting from 2010’s February to 2011’s March. When she was rehired, she was informed that her yearly salary would be US$ 75000.
In the court documents, Jennifer stated that every day is a work day for her, so every day is a work day for the rest of them. There is no, they were going to stay in, they were going to sleep. There is no, let’s put on sweatpants and go out to the movies and be girlfriends. It did not work like that.

Gaga testified that Jennifer O’Neill deserves one of her US$ 75000 that they agreed to. But she does not deserve a penny more.

Lady Gaga’s snippet release comes ahead of 11th November release of her album named ARTPOP. The pop star is already on promo tour.


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