Lady Gaga – Scheiße (Music Video)

Beep Growth Bop Video clip Score: four / 5

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  1. And rick is a model, thats fashion film footage.

  2. Its from a fashion photoshoot, she releases the material, someone just put it together for this song.

  3. it is very good.


  5. I’m honestly wondering how these fans got all of this unused material to make this video. Unless that’s not really Gaga, but only a look-a-like. Not making accusations, but it doesn’t make sense that they could make a whole video with Gaga and Rick that looks so legit. If they were both actually there to film it, why wouldn’t Gaga’s record company just produce it themselves? I don’t know. Needless to say I enjoyed looking at Rick Genest more than “Gaga.” <3

  6. te amo lady gaga ♥♥

  7. Why am I wasting my time watching this shit? t(-_- t)

  8. My god this is AMAZING. Well done monsters. <3

  9. ♪♫ O O O O O… ♪♫ O O O O O

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  11. this crap? If you think this is crap then dont waste your life by watching this!

  12. k fome el video la cancion buena el video next

  13. IT WAS ARTSY!! IT HAD DEPTH!! IT HAD CONTRAST!! whoever made this fan made video did a great job with it.. the timing, the sequence, everything was right about it… great job… however MOTHER MONSTER may smile for this being made, but she rules video making… long live MOTHER MONSTER++++ xoxoxo

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  18. Shame on your grammar

  19. smát nahlas nemám tušení, asi člověk prostě říká!

  20. Tohle že je žena? O.o

  21. you know that Scheiße is shit in german

  22. littlemiGuelmonster

    I wish I could be strong without the Scheiße yeah!!! xD

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  24. I was confused too. It’s actually a made-up language that sounds like German. I think it’s a parallel to the list of the things she wished she could do, but can’t; “I wish I could be strong without permission”, etc. She also says in the song “I can’t speak German but I wish I could”.

  25. MrBrandonGonzales

    What is she saying? I speak german and the only German word I hear is Scheiße.