Lady Gaga – Marry the Night (Music Video) SKYRIM PARODY

Beep Increase Bop Video Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. A Thing Here:

    Shut The Fuck Up Troll

  2. Well you can better say it twice than once right?

  3. just stop, if don’t like the video don’t watch it. i think he sings really well, and once an artist puts out a song, anybody can use it as long as they credit the author of said song. which he did if you would look

  4. Best. Intro. EVER 😀

  5. Its a parody you dumbfuck! –‘

  6. Obviously you have some issues.
    -If his voice was “horrific”, would he have 11,000 likes on this video? No.
    -He has a disclaimer in the description.
    -This was not meant to be better than the original, it is a parody.
    -No, Dipshit-He’s a genius! He creates lyrics from scratch based off of games and songs like your precious Lady Gaga.
    -He is not mocking anything, He is making an enjoyable parody for people to enjoy his music!

    And one last thing..SHUT UP YOU FUCKING TROLL! 
    Thanks for your time.

  7. DaCrazyRooster15


  8. Quinn Blanchard

    Your are undermining someone else and it is YouTube you can’t sue anyone and if it was possible the Tryhardninja could sue you for harassment. All you did was make yourself look like an ass. No offense intended.

  9. Insertfunnycomment

    20 people are stupid

  10. callofsickviper

    Imma a kid 🙂

  11. 123321danny123321

    JAJAJAJAJAJ I don’t know the original & I am Proud Of me!

  12. MedusaSmiles1992

    Haaha the fuck!!? Great song.

  13. I love this song xD

  14. dont even talk about at a lawsuit. Clearly you are to big of a dumb ass to realize your “opinion” is being judgmental.

  15. lol his goal isnt to make good music that tops the original but to make you laugh you idiot…

  16. TheBronyWhisperer

    @Klo1134 almost every comment is to your troll comment. this means you’ve been a sucessfull troll. now you should get your 9 year old ass of youtube an back to bed.

  17. Harry Stenholm

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  18. TheLonelyGamerr

    well im sick of seeing people bash videos that have a lot of hard work put in to them

  19. People like you are the reason that Europe hates America, sue him? Seriously? I mean you can’t be 18 years old and just say “i will sue you because you hurt my feelings.” I mean really?

  20. Jack MacLennan

    Melee all night? Bitch, please, I’m a mage.

  21. Save SKYRIM!

  22. TheBronyWhisperer

    Few things here:
    -Your comment is terrible
    -You got flagged for being a retard
    -Your comment is ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE (again)
    -You are clearly a retarded troll
    -You are a disgrace to human kind

  23. that was some awesome stuff. also good singing. fantastic

  24. hey bud if you think TryHardNinja sucks then just UPLOAD A VIDEO

  25. 18 year olds arn’t twats!