Lady Gaga looks stunning in a red feather wrap

The sensational American singer Lady Gaga has always been the centre of attraction for her unique outfits and gorgeous look. People got yet another glimpse of the sensuous diva when she was seen yesterday(23rd January,2015),walking out of the plush Carbone restaurant in New York City clad in a red feather wrap Being present at the restaurant for dinner she had been seen in a black slit outfit, having pockets near the waist.

The bright red cloak obviously made her look more elegant, giving her a sober and dignified appearance. The 28 year old pop queen was seen carrying a beautiful pink rose bouquet. She looked unique in a high bun, red lip color and a leather bag sling along her shoulder.

Sharing her evening wear on her Instagram account, she said that it was a great evening as her friends had got hitched. In the earlier part of the evening she had flaunted her strap dress by taking off the black fur coat that she was wearing over the outfit. The Artpop singer has also revealed of doing a song based on the subject of rape for the movie named “The Hunting Ground”. She says that the movie is actually centers round the life of youngsters who have been a victim of rape. Their song “Till It Happens to You” is a touching one projecting the bitter reality of life that no one can understand the pangs and trauma a rape victim goes through till they experience the same.

Lady Gaga is all set to perform at Zero G Colony, the first concert ever on space, for which she will be practicing for a month.

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