Lady Gaga- Gay Teen Music Video

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  2. the joystick and ” i love that little fruitcake” got me

  3. Lakes' Galakxsie


  4. The Joystick Part Killed me

  5. Ok

  6. Lady Gaga uses Gays to further her career and get more fans. She is fake as fuck and all you people who are her “little Monsters” are her brainwashed fucked off fans. Look back 3 and a half years ago she was an upper middle class whore who went to the same school as Nicki Hilton. Her image is a show for the media and in reality Adults don’t one day change everything they are out of no where unless you are a musician who needs a image to draw in a crowd.

  7. Lol i love this video its so funny =D
    <3 you Stevie

  8. MissGagaProductions

    Portraying the Gay Community? I don’t understand your stupidity… She uses her sense of style, and her talent to further her career, all her life, she always supported the Gay community. Oh, your comment accurately shows your jealousy and a failure as a kid in the closet… shut the flying fuck up, kid…

  9. kathaleeyafunkyfwesh

    @TaylarJones Wtf… Yes there is!! Unless ur being sarcastic o.o

  10. theres no such thing as straight! rofl

  11. I’d imagine this is actually what is like if Lady Gaga walked into your room through your window.

  12. hysterical

  13. he just got raped with a joystick..should i be concerned?

  14. That closet is the reason why I love staying in the closet. Partayyyyyyy

  15. AliceReallyCantDance

    I sing this school loud as I get ready for PE and people laugh :) -33

  16. AliceReallyCantDance

    Wait?! So Narnia is lying? This is Narnia?! This is why I don’t like my wardrobe!!! Hahaha 😉 (I love gays and lenses cause they are AWSOME, except I’m not gay )

  17. Wow love this video <3 and I love lady gaga for supporting all the gay people <3 especially gay teens 🙂

  18. Genius!

  19. This video is meant to be funny, not meant to criticize her. By making a comment saying that it’s criticizing her, it seems that you are taking this just as serious as everyone else who is supposedly butthurt.

    For clarification, her only ‘portrayal’ of them was in the Alejandro video; some men were in heels & some weren’t. Gaga talks about other groups, but people focus on her gay rights activism. She has millions of straight fans as well as gay, & tells them all to be proud of who they are.

  20. THIS WAS AMAZINGLY FUNNY! Gaga would love this so much!

  21. RecklessTwistedYouth

    hahahahaha <333

  22. She makes too big a deal out of gay people. There doesn’t need to be a community, they don’t need all the attention, people shouldn’t have to be “proud” of their sexual orientations. It’s just a personality trait.

    Lady Gaga is not entirely responsible for this, but she plays a part in it. She could easily be the mascot for gratuitous support of the gay “community”.

  23. she does not she supports them alllll the timee

  24. This video is dumb. Gaga is not using the gay community like that >.> They are the ones who helped her get where she is today and she likes to thank them, that’s all. Is it so wrong to want to help the ones that are insecure accept themelves? I’m gay and she really helped me overcome my fears and now I’m out and proud and happy than ever. And she sings “No matter Gay, Straight or Bi, Lesbian, Transgendered life…” She has nothing against straight people. I know this is a joke but It’s stupid.

  25. onthewingsofmaybe