Beep Boom Bop Movie Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. ella no es lady gaga

  2. ???

  3. tae

  4. I know her nails are creepy but…I think I’ll have my nails like that on Halloween! 😀

  5. mourningformorning

    Gaga makes me hard.

  6. I Hope gaga Should watch This <3 AWESOMEEEE!!!

  7. JujuEnLove2Vous

    This Ruben Cortez must be an amazing guy and director, I’m really impressed.

  8. JujuEnLove2Vous

    This is awesome.

  9. LikeItThatWay Chen

    I really adore and love this.

  10. Quien se suscribe a mi canal,¡ y yo me suscribo a la suya! 😀 Paws up Little monster 😀

  11. teledysk pozostawię bez komentarza ‘___’

  12. i love lady gaga is a very god singer is my favorite singer is a fantastic woman

  13. Uğur Türkoğlu

    subliminal message. illuminati

  14. love this this video

  15. imádom ezt a számát a csajnak!!!!!!!

  16. love the video!!!

  17. Rubbish.

  18. What an ungrateful brat.

  19. Oh my god I thought it was really Lady Gaga! Great job! I love the dances and costumes, well done! 😀

  20. itsJamesParker96

    good job

  21. i love lady gag but i hate u never imatate her >:(

  22. dam dam damı dam damıdamıdamı daam damı damı da

  23. No, it’s not. Just the song is her.

  24. what the hell!?

  25. MegaAstonmartindbs