Beep Increase Bop Video Score: 4 / five

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  1. Abigail Caldwell


  2. You’re so funny lol

  3. haha the ARTPOP she letter signs at the end is british sign language 🙂

  4. LadyCatherineTyler

    OMG Monster, I wanna squeeze your cheeks, you’re adorable! <3 :')

  5. ilookbetteronline

    check my channel for challenge

  6. Vean mi video de como salí del closet , gracias 🙂


  7. You are too cute, especially at the end lol. 😉

  8. She looks like mariah carey with that long brown hair. :p

  9. Yeah I was in a loss for words myself, when I first saw it. You are cute as hell by the way. Lol

  10. LOL shes holding a giant leg…

    Before someone goes on a runway,perform,etc people will say “break a leg”, this is why she has a broken leg with her as she walks the runway.. its very symbolic, shes literally breaking a leg on stage lol

  11. You’re so cute 🙂

  12. You are correct sir! thanks for explaining!

  13. Thanks!

  14. Miguel Gomez Jimenez

    You’re so hansome :’3

  15. It’s like wow lol

  16. Great video huh lady gaga is the best!! She look good with long hair!!

  17. muck :3

  18. I think she’s recreating famous artworks. The “mermaid look”, look up Birth of Venus by Botticelli. For the bird thing, look up Jeff Koon’s balloon swan sculpture. It’s literally ARTPOP. Art (these artworks) + Pop (her being a pop star).

  19. lol xD “is she a unicorn”

  20. @Jay Alford you’re right! Black swan! Haha. Goose was the first thought I had, but thanks for the correction. 😀


  22. Thank you, I was wondering what the hand signs at the end were all about, you nailed it! All I can say is: sorry Miss Perry, but guuuuurl, you done got BEAT. LMAO