Kylie Minogue “Santa Baby” Music Video 2010

Beep Boom Bop Movie Rating: 4 / five

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  1. LOL!

  2. we all want kylie for x-mas. x3

  3. MultiGabriel1999

    Merry Christmas from Brazil!

  4. We can forget about the presents… Santa Claus is NOT coming to town

  5. major jizzum going on!

  6. your mother!

  7. bella bella kylie ! siempre escuche este tema en epocas navideñas

  8. Does anyone know where I can download this in HQ/HD? Thanks!

  9. prettiest woman in the world

  10. In this video she is sooooo seductive! ! !

  11. Love it!! I love also the better than today official fan video!

  12. Jordi Núñez Navarro

    This is far from being her best video…

    Check out my new videoclip for Kylie’s song “Aphrodite”.

    In my channel,

    hope you like it.

    Merry Xmas!

  13. I love it!!

  14. I agree…I adore Kylie and everything she does but this video is really awful! I think it´s the worst thing she´s ever done.So cheap..lame…the camera effects..even her hair :S
    Sorry Kylie but you can do so much better!!!!

  15. The ideal thing is that the video is entertained… do not look for details in this video, one is for navidad…

  16. Shes really showing her age. Whoever did that hairstyle was a fucking idiot it ages her like a million years.

  17. My favorite “Cute bitch”, ever!

  18. Pretty & sweet as always! 🙂 KYLIE RUUUULEZ!

  19. am sure tht song is for adults! not for people under 18 lol!

  20. osceno video. lei ha una faccia che nn sembra nemmeno lei. ma chi e’ questa?

  21. Pretty ♥