Kylie Minogue – On a night like this (Music Video)

Beep Growth Bop Video clip Ranking: four / 5

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  1. Irina GlobalMusic

    Just awesome !!!

  2. I love this song forever thank u kylie minogue i love u 🙂

  3. 2000

  4. This song is so awesoooooome. <3

  5. I like can’t get you out of my head

  6. dat nostalgia

  7. Can someone tell me from which year is this video?

  8. Great song!

  9. This is the best Kylie song!

  10. WatermelonLULU21

    when else am I going to be watching this? In my prehestoric cave on my Istone? I heard it’s so funny someone fell off their dinosaur.

  11. Nikola Markovic


  12. WatermelonLULU21

    82 people missed the like button. ;D I liked.

  13. Wow! Kylie is scorching hot, sultry and so sexy with a stunning voice to match. A beautifully shot, stylish and classy video capturing the fine voice and beauty of the lovely Kylie

  14. You got that right!

  15. Interacted1985

    Love her and love the song, and love her voice even more 😉

  16. I love this song its my favourite kylie song

  17. I like

  18. Mine too and also Love at First Sight. 😀

  19. She did, but she recovered stronger than ever. She credits her family for getting through it, as well as her legions of fans.

  20. jagerathegreat

    who cares bout the US its about worldwide success and shes achieved it
    US is all politics and BS

  21. My favourite Kylie song!

  22. To think – she started in neighbours, got so much respect for this woman

  23. Best actress, singer and music video in the world. Kylie is amazing as always, and such a beautiful women…Queen of Monte Carlo! 🙂

  24. Fantastyczny kawałek!