Kylie Minogue – Love At First Sight

Beep Growth Bop Online video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Corrado Distefano

    Fuck you

  2. Corrado Distefano

    This is the song of my childhood…and I’m listening to this great song until now, and I’m sure I’ll listen to it for many years too…

  3. dEeBeEdAyDrEaM

    every video is so creative and so different but not in a way that punches you in the stomach and spits on your hair. KYLIE IS THE QUEEN OF POP-VIDS!!

  4. she looks so much like my year 2 teacher in this video!! XD

  5. you eat your dust aptal !!! insan ol insan !!! be human 

  6. i wasn’t trying to blame all Americans but the person I was replying to say that because she hadn’t been that successful in america since this album she was a one hit wonder and irrelevant so when I said american’s I was more annoyed that this person had claimed that you have to be successful in the us to be counted as successful.

  7. dont go blaming all americans, im an american and have loved kylie all my life. and some of us can appreciate fine things.

  8. Dimitris Doukas

    eat my dust and take a bow to the queen of music

  9. sadece gerizekalı demek yetmez sana. APTAL!

  10. gerizekalı how can you be that bad-hearted do you think you are protecting madonna by saying that kind of things??? Allahtan kork what if one of your family members gets cancer?

  11. Dimitris Doukas

    stupid minongue u dare to say bad thinkssss about madonnna,i wish u to die from cancer

  12. I’m American and my mom always used to listen to her songs when I was little. Now the radio doesn’t even play her, I hate pop in America -_-

  13. Who else caught that performer’s mistake on the right at 1:35? (watch his right arm)


    Thanks for the video…..Thanks to the beautiful woman who made the music also

  15. Hello People
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  16. Now this is a good looking artist! And she sings way better than crap out now a days.

  17. This, and other songs of Kylie are the definition of pop music genre, not the crappy pop music produced today.

  18. DragosPSYCHOPATH


  19. sexy ;)


  21. AntiTiganiSiManele

    i Love Kylie,i would marry her!She is so beautiful..
    Unfortunately,Romanians are filthy gyppos,they are retarded monkeys.They even think that INNA sings much better than Kylie.
    Why are Romanians so stupid?They are too dumb to live.
    I hate Romanians.FUCK ROMANIANS!
    4834 Uneducated Romanian apes should be immediately killed.
    I fucking hate INNA.Inna is a gypsy bimbo,she can’t sing ,she has an annoying voice.
    Only retarded people like Inna.
    There are Romanians even in Australia,so kill them all..

  22. Jaime Rodriguez

    Totally my friend

  23. sexy video, sexy chick, sexy on screen effects, bad choreographers on background…

  24. Kylie Minogue is of just simply delicious music! So nice to just chill, and dance 🙂

  25. illkickurass2day

    Madonna Copied her with Girl Gone Bad