Kylie Minogue – Flower

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  1. She picks such pretty melodies!!!

  2. Brenda Caroline

    this song makes me cry. I love Kylie <3

  3. UnderwaterWhispers

    Love this song!

  4. perfect song 

  5. Andrius Raustys

    You are beautiful!

  6. darrennixon3122

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  8. Laura Buchanan

    this song is so emotional <3

  9. Fatima Rodriguez

    nice video/j’adore cette video!/molt bonicas las imatges!

  10. Me encanta flower i love kylie

  11. lovely song )

  12. Очень нежная))))

  13. tillyeyesgreen


  14. I think and feel the song is for her child.( that could or could not come into this world because of the cancer that she had)

  15. You are correct. If you listen to the lyrics you will hear “My step into eternity is not what it might have been” alluding to the fact that she might have died from the cancer, but she did not. The record company did not want to include it in the X album fearing that it was too melancholy because they knew what the song was about. It is a fan favorite because most fans can really feel the inspiration in this song even without knowing why. This is a triumph of music touching the soul.

  16. MySweetestDecline

    You don’t know that for sure. Kylie has never actually revealed what the song is really about.

  17. she’s so incredible

  18. The song is for the child she may or may not have due to the cancer treatments she received. She co-wrote it with Steve Anderson during the X album sessions but didn’t make it to the final cut. She did perform Flower on KylieX2008 Tour.

  19. Superba canzone… una voce che taglia l’anima… complimenti a Kylie Minogue…continua così… 1000 baci da Italia…)))

  20. Just amazing song .. n Kylie is so sweet, I don’t have words to say about the song… just wow.. and the cute flower in her hand.. cute…!!!

  21. This song is for Velencoso ?

  22. Javier Emiliano Gallardi

    I love this song! it´s amazing

  23. Reminds me late 90’s music videos. I don’ know why.