Kylie Minogue – “Cupid Boy” [Music Video]

Beep Growth Bop Video Ranking: four / 5

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  1. The guy is so handsome!

  2. love cuoid boy

  3. Whatsthe video of the boy and the girl? the boy drinking tea!

  4. I’m lovin this video. it’s All over the place, but makes so much sense

  5. Mikey Heretique

    Are you really that stupid, or you just like to joke around about it?

  6. cudowna i tyle w temacie…

  7. mynameisnotkyillee

    3 words: Auto Fucking Tune

  8. Mai Selim – Saktalo

  9. divoonreflections787

    @robotshermanaitor porque la cancion se llama “Cupid Boy”, y teniendo a
    bailarines agrega suspenso y drama. Ademas, si tuviera bailarinas, en
    verdad le quitarian o competirian por el glamour con Kylie.

  10. me gusta tanto

  11. @0marabiela1 LOL! same here i was trying to memorize it say it and sing it
    all the way!

  12. lol that is arabic singer mai sleem!

  13. Steve Angello & Magnus Lidehäll DJ’s made this song!!

  14. Kylie footage is from the Aphrodite concert

  15. Krzeczów

  16. She´s a Diva!!!! I like this part: Sky rocket to Mars Straight through to
    your heart Every time we touch I’m shootin’ the stars Cupid boy

  17. sherman naitor jons

    solo quisiera saber porque mejor no en vez de chavos afeminados kylie no
    uso mejor bailarinas kylie te admiro pero te doy un cero por usar chavos en
    vez de chicas esto le quito ese glamour a tu rola y kylie se caracteriza
    por ser una dios de la sensualidas.

  18. Chester Hardcor

    I think Sebastian Ingrosso made it collab WITH Kylie 😉 Poland Rock’s

  19. divoonreflections787

    whoever put this together is a genius! i saw the real video with mai sleem
    and its ok, but with this song it gives it so much more!

  20. just amazing

  21. damn, I’m more impressed over the beat that Sebastion Ingrosso has made!
    Whitout the beat, the song is nothing!

  22. the guy drinking tea is hot hot hot

  23. Great song off a great album … well done Kylie keep them coming


  25. Martin Saavedra

    Ingrosso! <3