Kylie Minogue – Chocolate (Album Version) HD

Beep Growth Bop Video clip Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. Javier Rebollo Rebollo Santamaría

    Muy bueno. Gracias.

  2. Kylie Minogue – Chocolate

  3. спатеньки пора, Kylie Minogue – Chocolate :)

  4. does anyone know what type or style of dance is at 1;45 to 2:20?

  5. es viernes erótico…el chocolate y esta canción lo sabe….mmmmm….. <3
    <3 <3

  6. Real definition of sexy! The way how she presents herself in every music
    video. Not too much of skin, not obscene. Just nice and sexy. ;)

  7. Love chocolate when I was 18,still love chocolate now I’m 28.

  8. Chocolate ….

  9. Very nice vid.

  10. … Puede ser asi …

  11. assss de kilie minogue 

  12. This Song is Eargasmic!!

  13. Noooo yo lo vi en Jueves, tendré que esperar a mañana jajajaja. viernes

  14. that dance guy with kylie who know the name ??so handsome

  15. Lovey

  16. The rumours about Kylie being a proper sort are all true. Phwoar!

  17. Love this song so much…. PS. Why does she has to be so beautiful? :(

  18. 很喜歡這首慢歌充滿著感性~

  19. This is how a perfect music video should be done. Not to mention Kylies
    access to best masters of choreography

  20. I heard this song for the first time when I was a strip club Dj and girls
    would dance to it.

  21. help me find some kind of show, where two guys dancing in water with this

  22. Juan Manuel Rico Gutierrez

    Que tengan un feliz jueves erotico..

  23. jose alejandro rodriguez moguel

    esta rola la suenan en todos los night mens clubs o cabarets o puteros
    llamenle como quieran xD

  24. спатеньки пора, Kylie Minogue – Chocolate :)