Kylie Minogue – Better Than Today

Beep Growth Bop Movie Rating: four / five

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  1. This should have been a bigger hit!

  2. MDNA fans here for Kylie!

  3. love it 

  4. celebrationboy1

    many many madonna fans loves kylie.

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  6. i like Kylie. Her song selection have not always been that great but her voice has always been great. Long before anybody had even heard of Britney, Christina, Jessica or Mandy, Kylie was the Princess of Pop. And her version of Abba’s When All is Said and Done was amazing.

  7. i agree

  8. Great

  9. AntiTiganiSiManele

    i Love Kylie,i would marry her!She is so beautiful..
    Unfortunately,Romanians are filthy gyppos,they are retarded monkeys.They even think that INNA sings much better than Kylie.
    Why are Romanians so stupid?They are too dumb to live.
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    I fucking hate INNA.Inna is a gypsy bimbo,she can’t sing ,she has an annoying voice.
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    There are Romanians even in Australia,so kill them all..

  10. it actually became a number 1 on Billboard Hot Dance Club Play!

  11. She’s NOT BITCH!!!! and she is famous!!!
    Fuck you down MDNNA!!!!!

  12. not actually it was in the top 5 of hot dance cub play on billboard 😉

  13. Where is KylieVEVO? I hate to be KylieMinogueVEVO because officially the name its KYLIE!!!

  14. the first time i heard this, tomorrow WAS better than that day 🙂

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  16. OMG her shoeeeeeessssssss

  17. Waitin’ this video in HD. 🙁

  18. Love this song, ♥

  19. NeedforSeedMostZimt

    elisha cuthbert o.o

  20. Ghazaryankirakosyan


  21. Kylie,the best voice of popdance in the world. The unique little princess.

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  23. vaneferreirajipa

    eu amo essa musica, eu te amo kylie…

  24. shoooooooooooooooes !!

  25. T amooooooo kylie!!