Katy Perry-Wide Awake(More Awake Version)

Beep Boom Bop Movie Rating: 4 / five

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  1. Hi! I want´╗┐ to say that you do a good job and I’d like to know how you do to remove the instrumental of the song katy perry original! ­čÖé

  2. Dude, you make all these crap songs so much better. The metal Paparazzi one’s still probably the best.´╗┐

  3. my statement´╗┐ still stands..

  4. She has a voice similar to evanescence,´╗┐ interesting

  5. TheKeyBoardJockey

    Scary´╗┐ how closely to Evanescence this sounds. Evanescence is still better.

  6. This is really good. Kudos!´╗┐

  7. *syncing´╗┐

  8. its just poor what the crowd is doing there!
    they are all just standing there doing´╗┐ nothin except of fiming it … this is just stupid.
    noone is dancing or moving to the musik!
    this is just sad…

  9. 1:21 ? ´╗┐ lip sinking?

  10. Better than Nightwish, Within Temptation and Evanescence. ;p´╗┐

  11. TheProphet Revelator

    Great job,´╗┐ yet again!

  12. Thank you very´╗┐ much! Cheers!

  13. playback´╗┐ sh!t

  14. It’s funny,´╗┐ sounds like Evanescence.

  15. Everything sounds better when´╗┐ it’s redone by Andy Rehfeldt – especially when the vocals are retained.

  16. andy,´╗┐ you may be “just another youtube musician” to many but in fact you’re one of my favourite guitar players / songwriters ever! always enjoying your work, so i bought you a beer ­čśë

  17. Andy… you’ve taken something generic´╗┐ and made it a REALLY good song, something i’d expect to find on actual album! top notch!

  18. im blow’en away by this ….just´╗┐ awesome !

  19. Can’t go on stage without a ridiculous outfit anymore…
    Welcome to musical´╗┐ entertainment.

  20. i would blast this on my way home from work. Damn good job Andy, totally agree with morbidal….she had to wait for´╗┐ you to finish your solo…that put a smile on my face. had to go back and see it again. CHEERS!!!

  21. @2:48 she´╗┐ had to wait a sec for Andy to finish his killer solo!!

  22. Finally´╗┐ it’s not blocked. Awesome job again.

  23. That sounded bad ass!´╗┐

  24. If you’re using Firefox: Video DownloadHelper.

    If you’re using Chrome: Chrome YouTube Downloader (which you have´╗┐ to add manually – it’s not available through the Web Store)

  25. F-ing´╗┐ brilliant!