Katy Perry – Wide Awake – Official Acoustic Music Video – Jess Moskaluke – on iTunes

Beep Boom Bop Movie Rating: four / 5

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  1. Awwww you’re voice is it’s own but at times it sounds like Katy Perry! Perfect cover for you XD <3

  2. loeslovesunlight

    Wauw this is so beautiful , you’re amazing jess <3

  3. i love it <3 

  4. You give me chills your so amazing -3

  5. annahutchison408

    this is so beautiful jess!! <3

  6. therealAKTnatural

    what microphone does she use?

  7. I want your hair! <3

  8. i love you!!!

  9. Keep up the good work your vids are AWESOME. Please Sub my channel and I’ll do the same back.xoxo Jhade

  10. Thumbs up if you got this shit on repeat =)

  11. marisaborrello

    amazing voice, i was literally shocked when i heard your voice in “alone”. was not expecting that at all

  12. She has a Lauren Hill type swagger in her voice. Sounds really good.

  13. you have the soft and the strong voice ;o amazing girl

  14. If you close your eyes you can hear it almost sounds like Katy Perry 😀

  15. katyaagrayce1117

    AMAZING!!!! i also like your hair! haha

  16. Beautiful! <3

  17. She is my fav, cover artist, by far,!.

  18. austintstallard

    Jess you are honestly one of the best on youtube!! every cover you do is absolutely amazing! keep up the amazing work

  19. Absolutely amazing voice and so pretty

  20. STUNNING ♥

  21. Katy Perry should sing live like this.. It is sad, when cover maker sing it much better live than original interpret.. Really awesome cover! 🙂

  22. to me and my buddies u sound exactly like katy…awesopme job!

  23. Brittany Hudson

    It was a bit nasally, but I still liked it! Very nice!

  24. Very nice!!