Katy Perry – Wide Awake – (Music Video Parody)

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  1. imagine seeing a bunch of people with black ski masks on leaving a bank with “guns”. I bet you guys freaked a bunch of people out that day.

  2. lol hes awesome!!! best video ever!!

  3. Funny Video!! How did you come up with that? Are you actually a Burgler

  4. Awesome video

  5. good job!

  6. Big like…. awesome

  7. ThePorkchopking432


  8. Dafuq did I just watch?

  9. I LUV Katy perry

  10. this is petty funny

  11. ALEX

  12. Love this!!!!!

  13. i love wen he tried to run away and he fell asleep on the bed all tucked in

  14. are you american?!..

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  16. Samantha Rivers

    i love this song so much it’s the best

  17. His first should be at sleep market

  18. haha class mate

  19. Poch

  20. He actually tried to Robb His own house Lmao. On 0:23 Their is the same Bmw as at 2:05 And it’s in front of the house he left after taking pills , Plus the painting and wall decorations are the same when he’s inside 😛

  21. So funny……. I CRAPPED MY PANTS!!!:O

  22. martharodriguez429

    Worst video

  23. oh an haaaaahaaaaaaa

  24. dude u fal asleep at th worst times

  25. Funny!!