Katy Perry – Thinking Of You

Beep Boom Bop Video Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. Who is the guy in the video he’s gorgeous XD XD 

  2. My favorite Katy Perry song 

  3. Platonic Purple Panda

    Lyric question, “he put me in I was disgusted with myself.” What does that
    mean? All I can think of is sex.

  4. Thinking of you…
    Katy Perry
    #Goodnight #sweetdreams

  5. Holy shit its Matt Dallas from Kyle XY! Guys, you need to watch that, its
    amazing. The whole series is on netflix if you want to. I highly recommend
    it. Peace. :3

  6. pointlessCRAYtv

    love her old music, is very deep and meaingful

  7. 6 years later still love this song. I was playing it in the car and my
    friend asked who sang it, I said Katy Perry and she was surprised.. ha,
    shows how different she is now. People think shes crap now, but she used to
    be really good. They always end up wanting more money. 

  8. Dilara Saygili

    old katy is better than now. actually.

  9. Beautiful song enjoy. 

  10. Always loved this song but the video’s just too heartbreaking for me

  11. Katy Perry thinking of you 

  12. NotTeamEdwardJust MeAndEDWARD

    Actually. Note to all watching this… However sad you think your
    boyfriend/girlfriend will be if you leave them, they will be a thousand
    times more upset if they find you were cheating. Yes the video may not be
    suggesting that, but it’s an interpretation I get just automatically. Do
    the right thing and make everyone happy, don’t be with someone you don’t
    want to be with. It can only end up ugly. 

  13. Lachelle hernandez

    This Song Is Powerful! Watching This Video Makes Me Cry Everytime And Miss
    My Boyfriend In The U.S Army Each Passing Day

  14. Gabriela Beltran

    Katy Perry – Thinking Of You: http://youtu.be/wdGZBRAwW74

  15. song to my ex boyfriend that i still love who commit suicide.. i wish i
    told you i still love you and always love you, i miss you so much.. no one
    loves me as much as you do…

  16. Thinking of you…
    Katy Perry
    #Goodnight #sweetdreams

  17. I’m confused can someone explain this video

  18. Katy Perry – Thinking Of You: http://youtu.be/wdGZBRAwW74

  19. Dennis-BMW Puma Gyömbér

    Shoot the fucking amis (americans)

  20. Hiddles Beotch

    I’m sure i’m the only dumb one who thought that, that man was Chris Evans!

  21. Eugenio Mendes

    Katy Perry – Thinking Of You: http://youtu.be/wdGZBRAwW74

  22. She made out with a gay guy lol, Matt Dallas is openly gay.

  23. My girlfriend died on our wedding day. She was shot by Kimura Shunji.

  24. Im not quite sure what’s going on in this song. Is it about a woman who’s
    having an affair with a man she can doesnt even like while her husband is
    dying in war?

  25. Really surprised that there are no comments about Steve Rodgers. That’s all
    I can think while watching this video.