Katy Perry – Thinking Of You (Extended Video)

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  1. Nope ^.^

  2. Ahhh. Am I the only one who teared up?

  3. EoinHerlihyVideos


  4. lolcutepeoplez9

    omg dude from Kyle xy ! an katy <3

  5. 2012IsTheEnd21

    or you could not be an idiot and spam popular videos. Using excuses like that to get people to go to your channel is pretty sad.

  6. what a lucky son of a bitch..

  7. Anderson Davis is the main guy in this video. My best friend’s cousin,

  8. kyle xy knew tht guy looked familiar. only reason i clicked on this vid but they were real cute tho

  9. this is by far my favorite song of Katy’s. She is my favorite female singer and without a doubt very talented. This song has so much depth and meaning behind it, it get’s me every time. I wish more people knew about it.

  10. ‘ Perfeita ! , 

  11. this is my favorite song of hers

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  14. meaningless

  15. poor katy this is why wars are

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  17. I love Matt Dallas <3

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  19. Gets me every time…

  20. jberniebaranda

    0:10 the guy got shot.. I heard AK sound..

  21. Alexandra Dumaicos

    kyle xy…………

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  23. CarolMarques10

    She is SENSACION

  24. Olivia Houghton

    i am nesarly in tears`!

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