Katy Perry – Not Like the Movies – Music Video

Beep Growth Bop Movie Score: 4 / five

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  1. Stella winxpower

    fuck you

  2. I luv this song. I wish love was like the movies then I could get the guy I

  3. Mt perfeita *-*

  4. Christian Golosenda

    i love you KATY PERRY!!!

  5. Is this fan made?

  6. Simply beautiful

  7. Laura Arquillos Lopez

    the most beatutiful song in the world

  8. so sad song

  9. I don’t think any one is too old for wishes, or miracles lol.

  10. This is amazing. The song AND the video

  11. SomeoneNamedHolly

    Beautiful ♥

  12. Not like the movies..
    Katy Perry – Not Like the Movies – Music Video

  13. all love is fickle
    and hearts seem to change daily
    why feel anything?

    #haiku #sundayhaiku 

  14. Ellioangel Sototheophilus

    I love this concept of the video and the lyrics of the song

  15. #musicmonday 

  16. Lea Luisa Pombuena Cid

    – I’m starting to like this music x)

  17. so are your comments..

  18. Jadore cette chanson elle est trop belle sa voie ♡♥

  19. Mein Lieblings-Song

  20. Wonderful song!!

  21. Marisol F P.f Flama

    esta muy bonito en especial ´por cenicienta blanca nieves… 😀

  22. i love thise video so much! ive been trying to make one like this but im
    not sure where is should get the clips? please help, imovie is so

  23. Aww I love this song as I listened to it when I was in a really good
    relationship xx