Beep Growth Bop Video Rating: four / 5

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  1. MrATAndreiThomas

    i’m with you pal i am against the NWO And all illuminati bastards

  2. ._. Also She said “i’m coming at You like a DARK HORSE” so what does she
    mean with “dark horse”
    Wow this is scary , and “so you wanna play with magic” is she referring to
    dark magic giving her powers ? I don’t know , thing about it 

  3. you ok buddy? sounds like you can barely breathe :/

  4. Dude, you obviously need some serious slack. Repent and accept J.R. Bob
    Dobbs as your saviour. Lol

  5. montenton rofail

    Great keep doing cool videos

  6. do more fake ass action movies like the doctor that saved ur
    life….hahaha…love ur vids

  7. I love your spirit Alien Contacti. Keep up brother I wish there was more of
    us. Be Blessed stay cool. 

  8. This is a parody! You can’t be wearing that tight ass, fagget ass shirt and
    believe in God.

  9. You’re a bit to over dramatic,sooooo… Dislike.

  10. What are you on? 

  11. Listen to Alex Jones here on YouTube. And get the latest news on the New
    World Order plans. The Illuminati is brain washing you all. Wake Up

  12. nice video.^^

  13. The NSA must be spying be rn lol idgaf

  14. I’m on your side and I already watched the video. I think you’re right. I
    think because of your video I am going to research more. And I believe that
    no one is greater than God. Please make more videos. 

  15. Did you see the part on 1:15 when the man gets burned to dust… That part,
    the man is wearing a necklace that says ‘Allah’ in Arabic, and that’s
    disrespecting Islam! 

  16. Im all for conspiracies and whatnot, but Katy Perry…seriously? and
    reptilians? there is a line between knowing the government is out to screw
    us, and that very wealthy and powerful people are pulling the strings and
    controlling the global economy, and people that go too far with it saying
    that there is a race of reptile like aliens and even worse that they at one
    point bred with our species and those are the people in power…good god
    man listen to yourself…i hope you arent for real. you cannot believe
    everything you read, and take everything guys like Alex Jones says as
    gospel…i know there is an ugly truth to everything but you need to be
    more objective and research instead of jumping out on a limb and accepting
    things more far fetched than most sci-fi, otherwise you will merely give
    them what they want by making yourself look like a quack.

  17. adam ward holsinger

    hey I know ALOT about ancient Egypt the pharaoh and their slavery and their

  18. I’m not going to lie.. at first, I thought you were mocking “conspiracy
    theorists”, but then I realized… you are just really passionate about the
    subject. I’m subscribing!

  19. Well done. I love how passionate you are. BM

  20. What can we do man



  22. Yes! I believe this…don’t ever use egyptian symbols for no reason…there
    is a reason for using them! And people think it’s BS…no it’s not.

  23. you right about everything but you have to understand that their agenda and
    plans are going to happen unfortunately, they have to much power, money and
    there are to many brainwashed people in the world, all this what they are
    doing is for the arrival of the antichrist but i do not fear them as i know
    that Isaa (Jezus) will come again to destroy the illuminati and the
    we have to be patient

  24. Loser

  25. What the hell all my comments have been deleted?!?!