Katy Perry – Birthday (Official Coursera Parody) Music Video

Beep Growth Bop Movie Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. For those of you who want to directly view and share the #Coursera Katy
    Perry music video, here is the link!! Our favorite part is at 2:55 (moment
    captured below, where we hose our CEO’s with silly string). Katy Perry –
    Birthday (Official Coursera Parody) Music Video

  2. Wow – I think we’ll versions of this in #ds106 

  3. Fun Music Video (Katy Perry parody) that we made at Coursera! Huge
    shoutout to Connor Diemand-Yauman, David Unger, and many other Coursera
    team members for creating this. 

  4. How to get funky. With Coursera ofcourse. 🙂
    Anyway they need to work a bit the social aspect of the community. After
    every course i lose the contact with the other students, and ofcourse i
    need a way to stalk my teachers :P

  5. Coursera music video rocks! 


    So make a wish !!!!

  7. A Bigggggggggggg Thumbs up guyzzzz! 

  8. lmao

  9. Olivier NOUGUIER

    You should log to coursera every day !

  10. Who’s that cool kid at 2:34 ? 🙂 Love it guys. Thanks for making this
    revolutionary concept possible!

  11. yomi adelowotan

    this is cool

  12. Angelique Martinez

    BTW I tweeted it

  13. This is awesome! Prof. Funky! 

  14. lol – it has that effect on people… have a good holiday next week… &
    thanks for the opportunity… cheers Steve …. peace x

  15. Hahahha awesome guys!!!

  16. I am a fan of Coursea and have taken over 9 courses within 2013!
    I hope that more courses of different disciplines will be offered in coming
    Happy Birthday Coursea!

  17. Energetic. Upbeat. Jolly. Whimsical. Discriminatory … what?

    “This video represents race and ethnicity and both genders,” some might
    declare. “How could it be discriminatory?!”

    Because not one person in the video is over age 45, which is not a true
    reflection of the age diversity of Coursera students. Aside from the point
    that Daphne Koller, co-founder of Coursera, is age 45, online education
    today is being pursued for post-45 encore careers and lifelong learning and
    funded through companies and foundations led by post-45 adults. An
    organization committed to diversity would also consider age diversity in
    all its marketing communications.

    Try this on: What if every person in the video had been 45+ or even 60+?
    Would that have worked as well for you? Hmmmmm.

  18. Great

  19. needs more Bootsy.

  20. What’s really funny is that you can’t even make fun of her hahahaaha!!!

  21. Mario Soberanis

    Mi escuela Online funkie

  22. Wonderful. Thank you all for everything. Merry Christmas and Happy New
    Year. Amábile from Brazil.

  23. 42ish people don’t know what humor is. I LOVE COURSERA!

  24. U messed up the song i hate u and it

  25. Shelbi Nabergall

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