Elton John Says Lady Gaga ‘Sings’ To His Two Boys

Sir Elton John stated that Lady Gaga has very hands on her role as godmother to his 2 kids with David Furnish. The sixty six year old singer named Lady Gaga as his sons Zachary and Elijah’s godmother following their births by same surrogate mom on 25th December, 2010 and 11th January, 2013.

But when one think that assume the outlandish singer’s tireless promotional drive for upcoming 3rd album called ARTPOP would keep her busy, Elton John told that she still has got time to coddle the two children. He told that Lady Gaga does baths and sings to them. She is a magnificent godmother.

Recently, the New York born singer divided her fans with the representations that surrounded her first performance at London’s iTunes Festival in which she debuted 8 new tracks from her impendent long player. Referring to Lady Gaga by her actual name, Sir Elton admitted that the twenty seven year old singer is too focused on the concept of fame.

Earlier, the British star had described Lady Gaga as a role model. He told that Stefani takes it seriously and she is a good girl, but she has the problem of being caught up in the personality cult, it is very crazy. I talk to her mum a lot about it.  Gaga a great role model, she is young; she has been a great godmother to Zachary. They are all dotty in this business, but they are human beings at the same time.


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