Dark Knight Rises Parody BAT ROMANCE [Batman MUSIC VIDEO] – Lady GaGa Bad Romance

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  1. Кто от спунта))

  2. Бетмен под ЛСД ?

  3. окай

  4. Harley FAP…….

  5. Как же абдуленно смеётся Харли на 32-33.

  6. I found it easy to masturbate to.

  7. Никита Некрасов

    Лооол! А первая – няша!

  8. русские го в топ!

  9. Look at the Batman face :DDDDD
    Русские, привет!
    Вторая девка – лучшая =(^_^)=

  10. go to the fapmobile !!!

  11. РАША


  13. girls dancing and flirting around him, batman stands there like a boss XD

  14. you got that right

  15. Cool”

  16. bane wearing wrong mask

  17. KieranSivarajan

    He hangs out with young boys in shorts……

  18. Ivy…

  19. < 333333

  20. will be the continuation of this movie? please tell me 🙂

  21. Say what you will but no other hero gets women like these

  22. Damn the guy has the straightest face ever

  23. The video is cute, the quality is there, the lyrics are horrible. Really REALLY horrible.There’s like two good lines in the entire thing.

    Good quality video.
    Nice costumes.
    Music sounded fine.
    Decent singing talent.
    Whoever wrote the lyrics for the parody should never write another one ever again in the rest of his/her life.

  24. Whats the lyrics?
    Btw i luv the song n the video
    So great