Beep Boom Bop Online video Ranking: four / five

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  1. iiPositivePlayer

    How old were these guys??

  2. Live this song Imn not from old days or anything but still im luving it
    espacially where they tight jeans woot woo LOL its epic!!!

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  4. Funny Gaming and Commentary with TheToasterMon

    Oh god. I noticed that 360p was the max and I groaned. What’s happening to

  5. I’m a straight girl, but damnnn katy perry is hot. xD
    ( this username shhh)) 

  6. Are they running running? to Starbucks?!? It looks like me, late to school.

  7. fuck this was my favourite song when i was like 8 memories man :D

  8. SuperEclipse24

    Discount John Travolta

  9. Hitsugi Kaito

    umm…I love the song but the video confuses me

  10. God fucking awful

  11. Fuck me Katy. I’m serious.

  12. Is cool song

  13. Dara Linsworth

    Katy is fucking gorgeous 

  14. how the hell do they guarantee that they’re picking up a coin that was
    dropped by the opposite sex

    one of the guys could pick up a penny and some huge dude could just come at
    him and start making out with him. same with katy. she could pick up a few
    quarters and have an army of girls all over her

    ugh! this video is SO unrealistic.

  15. eh, good old days when Katy was desirably hot….

  16. Banana Torpedo

    03:03 wish I was him ;)

  17. omg i used to love this song when it came out

  18. Was this the song that got Katy Perry noticed?

  19. Legendkiller1491

    The guy with the short hair looks like stephen amell from arrow

  20. I didn’t know that Tom Brady could sing

  21. Timothy Watkins

    Why the fuck did I like this song as a kid?

  22. I need that fountain.

  23. Brian Schultes

    katy was the only good part

  24. Who knew this was directed by Steve Joczs (former) of Sum 41 

  25. Loooooooots of old good memories :’)